dondi azaleas

We are all overwhelmed with information about what is “best” for our bodies and minds, to lead healthy and happy lives.

Blue Rock Herbs creator, Dondi, has been a registered nurse and patient advocate for over twenty years. She has experience across multiple disciplines including oncology, trauma, and cardiology (to name a few). This provides her an unique, medical perspective on holistic living and herbalism. Dondi has been fine tuning her botanical skills; she is continually learning and sharing as a community herbalist.

We live in a time where we can easily access scientific evidence that either supports or debunks the latest “fad”. However, the majority of us do not have the education or experience to truly analyze that data and then incorporate it into our daily lives.

Blue Rock Herbs was established to be a platform for holistic education; to help fuel the flower medicine revolution. Knowledge and healing simplified, that is our gift to you. Browse our musings and be inspired.