Skullcap is regarded as one of the most effective herbal sedatives. Its calming effects are said to be mild, but reliable. One of the primary active constituents in skullcap is scutellarin, a flavonoid compound that possess sedative and antispasmodic qualities. The flavonoid compounds in skullcap bind to the receptor of the neurotransmitter, GABA, and its receptor, GABA-A, in the brain responsible for modulating anxiety. Cancer cells can take many years to develop. Skullcap, which has been studied and shown to increase the body’s defense against various types of cancer, has been recommended as a preventative measure. The nontoxic, natural compound baicalein, found in skullcap, works directly with the body, not against it, to stop cancer cells from proliferating. This nutrient works selectively on cancer cells to help them know when to induce cell suicide (our body’s most potent weapon against cancer). 

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