Hops: facts & folklore

The hop plant is a native of Britain, Europe, and western Asia. It was introduced for growing commercially in New York in 1629; and in Virginia in 1648. It is a perennial twining climber which can reach a height of 20 feet. Hops are dioecious (meaning that individual plants are either male or female). The female cone-like flowers are what is used in herbalism and beer production. Lupulin (a yellow powder tucked into the female flower) works as a nervine (having a positive effect on the nervous system) and calming medicine. A small pillow stuffed with dried hops brings on sleep and rest. For a dream pillow to keep nightmares away; include hops, dill seed, lavender, and rose petals (or buds). According to flower folklore, hops has powers of healing and sleep. Beer Flower is hops folk name. Hops are used in “healing” sachets and incenses. In color floral magic, the robust green flower cones of hops are used in spells for healing, money, prosperity, luck, fertility, beauty, employment, and youth. Referring to “herbs of the elements”, hops is of water. Water herbs have the power of love, all types of relationships, negotiations, beauty, recuperation, meditation, healing, ancestors, and home/family. … Continue reading Hops: facts & folklore